Frequently Asked Questions

What is massage used  for? 
Massage therapy is used to treat a large variety of conditions as well as overall health and wellness, and maintaining the function of your muscles, joints, and nervous system. Massage also helps with mental health in many ways including stress reduction, reduced anxiety, and by releasing feel-good endorphins. 

Massage Can Help with:  * Muscle tightness or stiffness * Muscle soreness and aches * Range of motion * Joint health *Arthritis * Increase      blood  and lymph circulation * Decreases blood pressure  * Decreases stress response  * Pain management  * Muscle recovery ex: post workout * Enhances immune  system * Enhanced sleep quality * Carpal tunnel syndrome (treatment and prevention) * Tennis elbow *Golfers' elbow * Low back pain and  discomfort * Migraine management and more 



What kind of lotion is used during the massage? 

The main massage lotion that we use is an organic cream-based unscented, non-greasy massage lotion infused with botanical elements and seed oils. You also have a choice of coconut oil (organic and cold-pressed) or muscle relieving cream that contains arnica and other soothing ingredients.

Do I need to disrobe for my massage? If so how far?
You may receive your massage either fully disrobed or fully clothed. Most clients disrobe to their own comfort level, which may include removing undergarments (keep in mind you will be covered under a sheet and blanket if desired) . It is perfectly fine If you choose to keep items of clothing on, as it will not affect your massage (massage techniques will be adjusted).  

Is it ok to talk or should I remain quiet during the session? 

Talking during your massage is fine, especially when communicating about your massage. do not hesitate to let us know how things are feeling on your side. Do speak up as to how the pressure is, any discomfort you may be feeling; no request is too small. Your comfort is our priority. 

Whether you would like to sleep, chit chat, or fall into la la land, this is your session, so enjoy as you like. 

​Also, letting your body and mind simply relax helps you to stay 'in the zone' to get the complete benefits of the session. However, this is your session and I am a great listener, so feel free to be as you like.

Is massage therapy supposed to hurt? 

No, not at all; even deep tissue techniques are not suppose to be painful. Please let the therapist know if you are feeling pain at anytime.

*Note....when working on trigger point areas there may be times where you feel discomfort. *Some massage styles feel different for each person; communication is key during your treatment. 

What if I don't like a certain massage technique being performed? 

Please do let us know at anytime if you are not enjoying any part of your massage. This is your massage and we want to tailor it specifically for you.  Since each individual is different, we all like and dislike certain techniques. 

How often should I receive a massage ?
You are welcomed to come in anytime you feel the need, but the average recommendation is once per week, or once every two weeks for optimal health, or if you are managing a muscle issue; and at least once a month for lasting benefits and overall health maintenance.
The average person's massage routine ranges from 1 time per week to once a month. 
 Listen to your body, yet don't wait too long until you start feeling pain, as the tension and knots may add up then will not be all released in just one massage.  

What length of massage is right for me?

  • Generally, an HOUR  is good for overall relaxation with one focus area to be addressed Ex: Full body massage with a focus on extra stiff back muscles 

  • ONE HOUR deep tissue is good for a full body massage with one focus area or issue Ex: relaxation with low back pain treatment

  • HOUR+ HALF :  good for a full body massage with 2 to 3 areas of focus Ex: working on several knots, addressing hip pain, etc...

  • TWO HOUR:  good for either deep relaxation, sleep, or 3 or more focus areas to treat.

  • HALF HOUR :  usually only good for one area such as the back, or legs, neck, etc.. but if you're short on time it will do just the trick!

Is tipping required? 
Tipping is not mandatory,  but of coarse is always appreciated.  We would gladly accept any tip  of 10 dollars or above.  Have an extra gift card? Feel free to use a retail or store gift card as a form of tip (i.e. Target, Starbucks, etc...)

Do you offer referral rates? 
Yes, we appreciate referrals! If you like my service enough to make a referral, you will receive a complimentary 30 min massage. Add it to your one-hour session, make it an hour, or as a single half hour massage. Your referral will also receive a 90 min session for the price of an hour (30 min free). 

Do you offer package rates for advanced purchased sessions? 
Not at this time, but ask for a reward card to receive an additional FREE half hour on your 5th massage!  Can be included or added in your one hour session or  even  add it to a 90 min session to make it two hours. 

Do you offer specials?
Yes! We offer various monthly specials for services or rates. Sign up to be the first to receive my specials ~ via text or email. 
To receive TEXT notifications send the text message "SPECIALS " to 469-284-9369 

To receive EMAIL notifications send 'SPECIALS' to