All sessions are customized to your individual needs and preferences. 

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage consists of different techniques for the purpose of relieving deep muscle tension, knots, muscle spasms, and other muscle issues, resulting in relief from pain or discomfort. 

This includes: Deep Tissue, Sports Therapy, Myofacial work and more. 

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Mainly used to reduce deep tension, knots, 'kinks', and other muscle tension. Can be combined as a Deep Tissue~Swedish combo. 

~ Ask for the gentle pain-free approach ~


One hour starting from $95

Knot Releasing

Deep Tissue


From athletic training, workouts at the gym, to long hours at the office, this style isn't only for athletes, as it will help to recover from both overworked and under-used muscles. Includes feel-good stretching, deep tissue work, and sports therapy techniques.

~A touch of sports balm will leave you with deep muscle relief ~

One hour starting from $105

Workout Recovery

Sports Therapy

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Orthopedic massage takes in consideration previous injuries, biomechanics, and the muscles in relation to bones and overall alignment

One hour $100

Advanced Therapy 

Orthopedic Massage



Fall into deep relaxation with these soothing styles. Choose from light, medium, to firm pressure.


True relaxation restores both the mind and body. Relieves stress, general muscle tension, and leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed.  

The most popular and relaxing massage style with intentions of gentle relaxation for the body and mind. Soft and broad massage techniques are used across the body. This massage style reduces general tension and stress, and leaves you with a feeling of well-being. 

One hour starting at $80

Simply Relax


Become immersed in the lotion and air infused with natural essential oils. With various healing properties, the right oil thats best for you. 

Choose from lavender, sweet orange, eucalyptus, peppermint, and more ~~~  

One hour starting at $95

Healing sensations


Hot stone massage is both relaxing and therapeutic. Let the heat of the stone glide along your muscles to help loosen and soothe deeply. 

One hour starting at $95

Muscle melting 

Hot Stone Therapy

Wellness Treatments

 Experience a sense of wellness with these invigorating treatments that are sure to leave you feeling energized and renewed. 

Half hour starting at $45

*add it to any session for +20

Acupressure for the feet


Not only a great foot massage, but a reflexology massage renews your feet and foot-health while applying pressure to areas of the feet that are associated with certain parts of the body (such as the nervous system, organs, low back, etc...)

  Half hour starting at $45

  or add it to any session for +$20

Treat your feet! 

Foot Scrub

Invigorate your feet with a refreshing peppermint eukalyptus foot scrub, complete with warm towel wraps and lemon peel lotion. A healthy way to treat your feet!

One hour starting at $45

or add it to any session for +$20

A facial treat! 

Healing Clay Facial Treatment & Massage

Remove toxins from the skin 

Deep pore cleansing

Minimizes pores

Improves circulation

Softens ans smooths