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The most popular and relaxing massage style with intentions of gentle relaxation for the body and mind. Soft and broad massage techniques are used across the body. This massage style reduces general tension and stress, and leaves you with a feeling of well-being.  

~ Feel the immediate calm ~ 

One hour starting from $85

Deep Tissue

Used mainly to reduce deep tension, knots, 'kinks', and other muscle issues. Firm and specific pressure is generally used. Can be combined as a Deep Tissue~Swedish combo. 

~ Ask for the gentle pain-free approach ~

One hour starting from $95

Sports Therapy

From athletic training to long hours at the office, this style will help to recover both overworked and under-worked muscles. It includes feel-good stretching, deep tissue work, and sports therapy techniques.

~A touch of sports balm will leave you with deep muscle relief ~

One hour starting from $105

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used on the body to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissues and also allows for faster tension relief. The warmth of the stones creates an even more relaxing experience. This style is a combination of Swedish massage with the use of hot stones to glide over the body using various pressures throughout. The stones can also be used during a deep tissue massage   ~Feel the warmth~​

Add to any session $15

Reflexology Massage

Not only is this a great foot massage, but it renews your feet and foot-health while applying pressure to the different areas associated with certain parts of the body, such as the nervous system, organs, low back, and other areas. 

~Acupressure for the Feet~

Half hour $45

Light Touch

Light touch, feather touch, fingertip massage...however you call it, this is my favorite style as the fingertips glide and swirl over the skin for a different feel of relaxation. Makes you feel as though you are floating off the table.  ~Feel the Sensations~​

One hour starting at $75

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