The most popular and relaxing massage style with intentions of gentle relaxation for the body and mind. Soft and broad massage techniques are used across the body. This massage style reduces general tension and stress, and leaves you with a feeling of well-being. 

Choose your Style

Simply Swedish  ~  Includes relaxing strokes ranging from to medium pressure

Flowing Swedish ~ One of my signature sessions using free-                                                                   flowing movements to induce deep relaxation with a                                               continuous flow (without stopping to release knots etc...)  

                                  Enjoy this rhythmic and entrancing session!

Firm Swedish  ~    Firm or extra firm broad pressure, while still                                                             using relaxing Swedish techniques

Light Touch Massage 

This session is great if you like extra light touch and would just like to relax on the table. Different styles of light and smooth touch are used to glide over the body for different relaxation sensations. 

Hot Stone Massage

This can be a deeply relaxing massage as the heat of the stones sends a warming effect all throughout the body and muscles. May also be used in a deep tissue massage. 

Swedish Pricing

One hour            $85

Ninety Minutes $125

Two Hours         $165

Light Touch Pricing 

Half Hour            $55

One Hour             $75

Ninety Minutes   $115

Hot Stone Pricing 

Add $15 to any session